Who is reach

Who is REACH?
REACH is a Christian ecumenical, non-profit making organisation which was legally registered as an independent NGO under the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Justice in Rwanda No 28/17 on 28th August 2002. REACH is a mnemonic which stands for Reconciliation Evangelism And Christian Healing. However the organisation’s operations involve people of different religious background without being selective on people’s beliefs, gender, religion, race, colour or creed. The organisation was founded in June 1996 based on the vision of its founder/CEO, Rev. Philbert Kalisa. The idea came up after he accepted Christ as his personal Saviour in 1982.It was put into action following his visit to the post genocide Rwanda in 1995.He felt a strong calling from God into the reconciliation ministry that he started with his family when he moved to Rwanda in 1996 and started the ministry of REACH. Today the REACH organization is foremost the experienced organization in Rwanda and the East African Region in healing, reconciliation and peace-building.