• Murecyeyisoni
    The Genocide against the Tutsis was well prepared; the Hutus killed Tutsis, from babies to old, girls and women, boys and teenagers; People were brutally killed. My 4 children and husband were killed in a terrible way. I was beaten up, humiliated and raped by a number of men and lost conscience for weeks and weeks. When I recovered I also wanted to die with them but I wasn’t lucky, though I was almost dead! The death run away from me.
  • Phelomene Uwamariya
    I want to thank and praise God, and want to thank REACH and Pastor Kalisa because he obeyed God’s calling. When bad things happen, there are always consequences. Most of us are all struggling with many things. During the Genocide, many houses were destroyed including mine and others here, and we are facing challenges with shelter; some are living in incomplete houses, many are renting, and some live in old houses that are barely standing.
  • Francoise Cyiza
    Our Husbands were involved in the Genocide, and were imprisoned. We found ourselves living together with the Tutsi women. Our husbands had killed theirs. We were afraid of them, and always running away instead of meeting them. REACH came, and united us. Some of our Tutsis sisters forgave us from their hearts. They came to us in our fear and gave us food to take to our husbands in prison and this was a shock to me.
    Francoise Cyiza